KHOURY TRIO (Jordan, Paris)
Elia Khoury oud
Basil Khoury violine
Osama Khoury qanoun
Classical Arabic music

Nawazen - Le Trio Khoury This trio has participated in various parts of the world during
international festivals, in the United States, and Europe as well as in the Middle East. They gave remarkable performances of Classical Middle Eastern music; they are excellent in both Arabic and Turkish music, in addition to their wide experience in fusing Middle Eastern music with other styles of music such as flamenco, Indian, Jazz, Classical and Breton. Worked with the eminent flamenco master Enrique Morente, and conducted other several projects of film soundtracks of their own compositions. Nawazen - Le Trio KHOURY" is one of the best ensembles for Arabic classical music.

Elia Khoury is a remarkable Oud player who did his Masters studies in Istanbul, and
studied with well known masters of Oud & Middle Eastern music such as Mounir Bashir, Ihsan Ozgen and Mutlu Torun, then he went back home to teach for five years in Jordanian universities. Mr. Khoury participated in many local and international oud forums and music festivals. Lately, and after fusing with Flamenco, Celtic, Indian, and Jazz and he immersed himself in the European contemporary music scene, where he played a concert for oud and modern ensemble with the KammerMusik Ensemble in Stockholm by composer Saed
Haddad and conducted by Franck Ollu. In addition, he also performed with Elliott Sharp.

Basil Khoury
plays Violin, he was raised in classical music and entered the oriental field while playing darabukka with the arabic ensembles in Jordan then he switched to playing oriental violin. He has a Diploma from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in England with a distinction level, then joined the Faculty of Arts and Design in Jordan University and
had his BA degree in performance from Music department. He participated in many international and local music festivals and represented Jordan in Violin international Meeting, as well as he worked with the well-known conductor Daniel Barenboim, and now he is preparing for his Masters in Music in Paris.

Osama Khoury, the youngest amongst his brothers, is a qanoun soloist. In his career, he did many concerts locally and internationally as well as represented Jordan in the international qanoun meeting and participating in many international and local music festivals, in addition to his membership in "Music In Me" program, and had a concert tour with the Eccume Group. He
is now preparing his BA degree in music composition in Paris.,